Having a Spiritual Healing is a beautiful nurturing experience. It can be a feeling like coming home. It can feel like being wrapped in Divine Love and being nurtured by Source or God or Divine Beings.

Sometimes you just know you need healing. You may not want talk therapy or physical therapy. But you know you need to feel more connected with Spirit. Or you may feel out of balance and may be unable put your finger on what is wrong.


Sometimes people feel no particular sensations, they just feel complete relaxation, and may even sleep. Many people experience a variety of sensations, and sometimes “see” images in their mind’s eye or hear sounds in their inner ears.

Sometimes they get an understanding of something they needed guidance on. It can bring up emotions, or release tears, or fears, or bring in feelings of perfect peace or joy.

Whatever your experience, know that it will be a safe and sacred space for your Spirit and that the healing will be exactly what you need in the moment. The healing will be gently and perfectly guided by your Spirit and Divine Love.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Walt Emerson


It is now possible to book an online session for certain types of treatment, if you find that we are not located near you. However, we will need to assess your treatment needs first in the complimentary consultation to ensure that an online treatment is a suitable appointment for you.


Book a complimentary consultation with Colma here! Let’s have a chat about what is going on for you and see how we can best help you. There is absolutely no obligation to book an appointment after a complimentary call. Please have your questions ready!


Your treatment will be carried out while you are fully clothed. You will lie on a massage table unless your physical condition makes that impossible for you. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing for ease of movement and muscle testing. You will be asked to remove shoes, belts and possibly jewellery, particularly watches.