Physical Imbalances, Aches, Pain, Sports Injury, Stress, Fatigue, Emotional Issues etc.

Kinesiology is a powerful and fascinating tool and physical therapy that offers a roadmap to uncovering and providing myriad of individualised holistic health solutions for the whole body and mind.

Specialised or Applied Kinesiology uses muscle biofeedback techniques to detect and correct physical (pain, injury, sports injury), mental (stress, trauma, learning difficulties), and nutritional (allergies, digestion, absorption, hormonal), imbalances in the body. The muscle responses inform the practitioner about the priority issues to be treated and maps out the best way to stimulate self-healing.

Health and wellbeing can be achieved by releasing energetic blocks, eliminating toxins, releasing or reducing muscular strain or tension, and promoting and enhancing the body’s own natural healing ability.

It addresses the deep-seated root causes underlying client issues for example:

Techniques include physical muscular corrections, emotional stress release, treating neuro-lymphatic reflexes, neurovascular reflexes, stimulating acupuncture meridian energy points (acupuncture without the needles!), personalised nutrition, and dietary changes. You may be prescribed homeopathic / homeo-therapy or other therapies or remedies, energy healing, lifestyle changes, specific kinesiology exercises, flower remedies, aura soma, etc. See here for information about Educational Kinesiology (Edu. K) for learning difficulties, co-ordination, focus, concentration, reading, writing, memory etc.

“The only journey is the journey within.” Rainer Maria Rilke


Your treatment will be carried out while you are fully clothed. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing for ease of movement and muscle testing. You will be asked to remove shoes, belts and possibly jewellery, particularly watches.

Testing and treatment will be done while you are either lying down on a treatment table/plinth or sometimes you will need to stand or sit or move in certain ways or do a few simple exercises. You will not be asked to do anything that you feel physically unable to do, or to do any movement that causes pain


It is now possible to book an online session for certain types of treatment, if you find that we are not located near you. However, we will need to assess your treatment needs first in the complimentary consultation to ensure that an online treatment is a suitable appointment for you.


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N.B. Although kinesiology provides the experienced practitioner with a host of diagnostic tools, kinesiologists DO NOT conduct clinical diagnosis of illness, as this is the role of your medical practitioner or hospital consultant. We do not claim to prevent or cure any disease. Our role is to enhance and stimulate the body’s own amazing natural healing processes and to support you on your healing and wellness journey.