Everyone has an Inner Child that must be nurtured and healed. The wellbeing of the Child Within us unconsciously affects our thoughts, self-esteem, feelings, behaviours, relationships, anxieties, fears, joy, and interpretations of other people, situations, and the world we live in. In short, it has a MASSIVE impact on our lives as adults.

We carry forward unresolved traumas from our childhood, no matter how big or small a deal they may seem to us as adults. Our childhood experiences, even if we cannot remember them, shape how we are today. Not only that, but the way we responded to situations and people in our earliest years becomes the unconscious automatic response we continue to use as adults to what we perceive as similar stressors, and the triggers can be completely subconscious. Sometimes, we cannot understand why we get so angry, or upset, or anxious about something that may seem trivial on the surface to us as adults.

“It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. Richard Bandler, Founder NLP
It addresses the deep-seated root causes underlying client issues for example:

The good news is that we can access the Wounded Inner Child with powerful age recession techniques that connect with the times when the child felt vulnerable, afraid, or upset. In doing so, we are then able to offer the Inner Child love, understanding, nurturing, compassion, reassurance, and healing. In fact, we give everything the young child needed in their troubled times, so that they now feel safe, loved, joyful, and free. Just like a child should be, free from worry and strife.

This Inner Child Healing is an amazing and powerful experience and has a profound impact on how you feel from that moment forward. Embrace your Divine Child (as Carl Jung called the child within). When your Divine Child is nurtured and healed, you will be able to respond more positively to others. It will have a positive impact on your relationships, your emotions, and your life!

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens”. Carl Gustav Jung


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