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It’s time for a change. We all know it.  Everyone is touched by the effects of ill health. You, your family and your friends, neighbours and everyone else is affected by pollution, toxic chemicals, poor food choices, allergies and sensitivities.  We are stuck on this merry-go-round of using chemicals that are absorbed through our lungs and our skin. We use body wash, lotions, and potions, deodorants, shampoo, hair sprays, room sprays, room diffusers, household detergents, air fresheners.... the list goes on and on. We can’t pronounce the names of half the ingredients we read on the label, which is a pretty bad sign, and we certainly don’t want to know what they can do to harm us once they get into our lungs or into our bloodstream! Perish the thought! And it’s true that ingredients that are put onto our skin can cross through the skin barrier into the bloodstream (which is how skin patches work).  But should we keep our heads firmly stuck in the sand, and let these chemicals wreak havoc on our systems, and worse, in our children’s bodies, or should we do something about it? We decided to do something about it!

At Zavana, we have blended our expertise and understanding of natural health with our passion for increasing joy and wellbeing for everyone.  The result is carefully crafted beautiful body care and home scented goodies, so that you can enjoy healthy alternatives to many of today’s products.  Isn’t it good to know that when you put something on your skin, not only does it feel and smell amazing, but that it actually promotes skin health and delivers key nutrients in the process, without harmful ingredients thrown in to spoil the fun!  Doesn’t it feel wonderful to inhale nature’s delightful floral or heady aromas, at home or on holiday, without toxic ingredients causing untold harm to you and your loved ones?

Stress & Anxiety & What We Can Do About It

A major problem at the root of so much illness that affects everyone, in all walks of life.  We want to reach out and give you some comfort in times of stress, burnout, exhaustion and fatigue. Seriously, we care so much about this problem! 

We bring you the best gifts of nature in a comforting blend, then bottle it, pocket it, and send it with love to you!  Our pure Zavana Signature Oil Blends and W.A.N.D.S. are specially selected. We adore these beautiful blends made with the heartfelt intention that you will reap the benefits with each and every breath you inhale from them! They are little Portable Power Packs from Mother Nature!

Our passion is to assist and inspire your journey through all-important self care. We know it’s hard to take time out for you.  Seriously, we all need to learn how to breathe properly! We know how crazy that sounds. But sadly it’s true. That’s why we have decided to create the Zavana Zen Zone (ZZZ) where you can take a breather and switch off your mind, for even a few minutes each crazy busy day. You can listen to and participate in a short guided visualisation that will calm and relax your nervous system and refresh your mind. Meditation is a proven way to improve your mental and physical health and wellbeing. You will reap the rewards. Shake off your worries for a few moments. Don’t put it off until some far off distant time, place or date in the future that never really arrives.  You need this now! Set reminders on your phone or watch and allow yourself a few minutes to Zone Out! Remember, you’ve got to fill your cup so that you have something left to share with others. Too many of us try to keep going on reserves that are critically low! See you in the Zone!

Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of Wellness today!

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Zavana Wellness: Restoring Balance and Harmony, Naturally.

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