Colma is a gifted intuitive healer, holistic therapist, and award-winning entrepreneur. Working intuitively with powerful therapies and techniques, Colma gently and safely guides her clients through the healing process, and the release of deeply rooted causes and effects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain and trauma.
Each treatment is as unique as the people who come to see her. She may use Intuitive Spiritual Healing, Integrated Healing (Advanced Kinesiology), Kinesiology, Homeopathy, Emotional Stress Release, nutrition, exercises, massage, music, meditation, visualisation, crystals, colours, flower remedies (Bach, Bush, Indigo), aromatherapy, massage, or whatever means necessary to bring about healing and restore balance of the body and mind.
Colma is a qualified Integrated Healing Therapist, Kinesiologist, Transformation Meditation Teacher, Relax Kids Coach, and Massage Therapist including Indian Head Massage, Healing Massage, Deep Tissue Remedial Massage, Facial Rejuvenation Massage, and Aroma Touch Technique. She is also a Thought Field Therapy practitioner, and a Spiritual Healer.
Her recorded visualisations and meditations have been created to help release stress and fear, promote inner peace, joy, and wellbeing. You will find these on our meditation page. Try a short free meditation here in the Zavana Zen Zone for a few quiet relaxing moments to yourself!
Colma’s mission is to help others to enjoy their best possible health, wellbeing, inner peace, joy and fulfilment.

Colma believes in using natural products on our skin for optimal skin health. In recent years, having had a stubborn personal case of eczema, she determined to find a natural solution. For this reason she embarked on a journey of research and discovery and obtained a Diploma in Natural Organic Skincare Formulation, receiving Distinctions in Formulation Skills and Cosmetic Compliance.
She created our wonderful handmade Skin Rescue Balm especially for dry skin conditions, which has been a most welcome offering to so many people in need of a soothing moisture boost to help calm and comfort their problem or dry skin. The Skin Rescue Balm was the first of our products that were created out of a mission to help solve difficult health issues.
Passionate about the incredible power of aromatherapy oils for our mental wellbeing, Colma has been intuitively guided to create our amazing Zavana Signature Oil Blends to uplift and revive a drooping spirit! You will find these delightful unique blends and balm in our Zavana shop.
You will find testimonials for our wellness products HERE.